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Circuit Breakers
Miniature Circuit Breakers
Manual Motor Starters
Residual Current Devices
Moulded Case Circuit Breakers
Air Circuit Breakers
Air Circuit Breakers Service
Monitoring System
High Performance Circuit Breakers
Control Products
Arc Guard Systems
Electronic Relays and Controls
Fieldbus Devices
Manual Motor Starters
Operator Panels
Pilot Devices
Power Supplies
Programmable Logic Controllers PLCs
Signal Converters
Wireless Devices
Industrial Plugs and Sockets
Industrial Connectors
Industrial Plugs
Modular Combi
Industrial Inlets
Industrial Socket Outlets with Protection
Low Voltage Systems - IEC
Low Voltage Switchgear
Intelligent Switchgear
Process Control Boards
Modular DIN Rail Products
Miniature Circuit Breakers
High Performance Circuit Breakers
Residual Current Circuit Breakers
Surge Protective Devices
Modular DIN Rail Components
Electricity Meters
Wiring Accessories
Wiring accessories product range complies fully with the high standard of quality set forth in DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, DIN EN ISO 14001:1996 and OHSAS 18001.
Connection Devices
PCB Connection Devices
Terminal Blocks
Cable Distribution Cabinets
Consumer Units
Installation Enclosures
Meter Boards
Special Enclosures
Cable Management Systems
Control and Automation Boards
Main Distribution Boards
Multi Purpose Boxes
Sub Distribution Boards
Intelligent Installation Systems (EIB/KNX)
ABB i-bus® KNX is the intelligent installation system that meets the highest requirements for applications in modern home and building control.
Low Voltage Systems - NEMA
LV Switchgear
LV Switchboard
LV Network Quality (LVNQ) Products and Services
Network Quality Solutions
LV Active Filters
LV Capacitors
LV Capacitor Banks
Power Factor Controllers
Switches & Fusegear
Enclosed Switches and Fusegear
Cable Distribution Cabinets
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