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Distributed Control Systems
Programmable Logic Controllers ( PLC )
Distributed Control Systems ( DCS )
TÜV certified Safety Instrumented Systems ( SIS )
Collaborative Process Automation Systems ( CPAS )
Freelance 800F
Safety Systems
System 800xA with High Integrity
Safety Instruments
Safeguard 400 Series
Process Control Instrumentation
Motorized Valve Controllers
Universal Controllers
Process Control Configuration Editor Software
Process PLCs
AC 800M
The Compact Control Builder
I/O systems
Operations (PC based HMI and panel based HMIs)
Drives (view Drives)
Low Voltage AC Drives
Medium Voltage AC Drives
DC Drives
Drive PC Tools
Drive Services
Drive Options
Manual Motor Staters
Group Motor
Single Motor
Motor Protection Relays
TCM - Thermal Capacity Memory
Thermal Overload Relays
Thermal overload relays are used in connection with contactors A, AF, AE, TAE, BC and TBC to protect motors with a rated operating voltages up to 690 V a.c. and 800 V d.c.
Electronic Overload Relays
E16DU : The new series of electronic overload relays and the advantages of electronic motor protection
Motor Control Centers, >1kV
UniGear ZVC
PSR - The compact range, 3 A to 105 A
PSS - The flexible range 18 to 300 A. (Inside Delta 515 A)
PST(B) – The advanced range 30 to 1050 A. (Inside Delta 1810 A)
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